nick dalessandro

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Exploring themes of fetish, fossil, and impurity, I engage in an expanded practice which deliberates on the lifetime of material. I am a sculptor using print media and textile manipulation, imagining the future point where human culture is in the aftermath of the apocalypse. My work investigates the aesthetics of a human experience where the mind and body are just as responsive - if not more - to digital space/time. 

The landfill, the thrift store, the alley, and the sidewalks are my sites for collection and transfiguration. I explore sites where electronic waste is produced and found and examine their context. Through investigating these sites, I’ve developed a sensitivity to everyday portable technology. My methods of tinkering and mending are pursuing a post-contemporary presentation of data. The earth is fractured and split by man’s search for value. The obscurity of place, time, and author defines boundaries of digital-surface in analog habitation. The relic becomes a fragment and the fragment a relic. The matter becomes disfigured, fragmented, shattered. Data is an immaterial source of material which I give gravity and use fugitive materials to imagine a time in the future where the digital archives of human experience have corroded into abstraction. Meditation on the proliferating notions of nature and technology have led me to use materials such as grass, steel, discarded garments, red40, concrete, and glass.

In making, I ask myself how I consider technology, what role fossilized historical objects play in creating the terms of technology, and what petrifying these habitual encounters can help me to become. I speculate what the fossilized fetish of the future may look like by petrifying the present.