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A collection of bags for carrying, holding, storing, organizing etc.
A capsule collection of 27 bags between Christine Tarkowski and Nick D’Alessandro.

Every bag is patterned, cut, and constructed by hand in Christine Tarkowski’s studio by either
Christine or Nick.
Each cloth is uniquely architected and each detail is specially sourced to create a signature portrait. A compositional aggregate of material and matter collide to create a singular temporal object that resists the mundane.
We celebrate the unanticipated collaborative relationship. 
Every bag uses exceptionally fashioned hand printed or hand architected cloth or substrates for the artistic purpose of each bag. The pliable surfaces are manipulated using a variety of techniques using printmedia expertise and dye processes. 

15% of all bag proceeds will go directly to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, working towards preventing and allaying human suffering, protecting life and health, ensuring the respect of human dignity, preventing disease, and promoting health, social care and volunteering both in times of peace and war as well as during emergencies, crises and disasters.

No two bags are the same. 
Happy looking. 

Nick D’Alessandro is an artist exploring themes of fetish, fossil, and impurity, he engages in an expanded practice which deliberates on the lifetime of material. A sculptor using print media and textile manipulation, imagining the future point where human culture is in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Nick’s work investigates the aesthetics of a human experience where the mind and body are just as responsive - if not more - to digital space/time. The earth is fractured and split by man’s search for value. The obscurity of place, time, and author defines boundaries of digital-surface in analog habitation. Meditation on the proliferating notions of nature and technology have led me to use materials such as grass, steel, discarded garments, red40, concrete, and glass. In making, he asks how we consider technology, what role fossilized historical objects play in creating the terms of technology, and what petrifying these habitual encounters helps become.

His solo exhibiton includes How Long After it Cracks does it Break? at SITE galleries, group exhibitons at EXPO Chicago, Gern Et Reglia, The David Mooney Foundation, GBA Gallery, UCLA, Epiphany Center for the Arts, Buddy at the Cultural Center.

Christine Tarkowski is an artist working in a variety of mediums, formats and collaborative conditions. Her artistic output includes; sculpture, architecture, printed matter, photography and song and ranges in scale from the ordinary to the monumental. Equally variable is the scope of production, incorporating the making of permanent public structures, propositional drawings, cast glass models, textile yardage, temporary printed ephemera, and musical choirs. Many of her works point toward the flotsam of western culture relative to systems of democracy, religion and capitalism. Those systems often intersect with or concern themes of conversion, salvation, and belief and are malleable systems relative to a believer’s desires. Recent works are in pursuit of the abstract, drawing on history, craft tectonics, and archetypes. She employs methods of dimensional abstraction to evolve narrative elements that refer to dissolution of order through employing alchemical processes.

Her solo exhibitions include; Chthonic Void at Devening Projects in Chicago, Whale Oil, Slave Ships & Burning Martyrs at Priska Juschka Fine Art in New York, Imitatio Dei at the Museum of Contemporary in Chicago and Last Things Will Be First and First Things Will Be Last at the Chicago Cultural Center and has been included in exhibitions at; the Corning Museum of Glass, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Socrates Sculpture Park, Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design, RISD Museum, and The Renaissance Society.
She has created commissioned projects for; Millennium Park Foundation, Manilow Sculpture Park at Governor’s State University, Mass MoCA, DCASE and Public Art in the City of Chicago, Franconia Sculpture Park, Socrates Sculpture Park.